Sunday, April 18, 2004

boy, are my legs tired!!

sadies were yesterday, SOOOOOOOO much fun.

it started at about 4-ish when lissa and i went to old navy to get matching shirts. an hour later we walked out with some nice baby blue.
we grabbed some chipotle tacos and chilled at her house til 8-ish when we went to the dance.

the theme was the 80's and some people really dressed for the occasion. in other words, i'm happy i didn't live in the 80's. me and lissa danced soooooooooo much and it was sooooooooo fun. we constantly had big smilies on our faces and i loved it. the songs were interesting. a mix of 1980's (footloose, cyndi lauper, etc) with rap and a wee bit of techno. we even got a giant blake shake going with a song that i currently can't remember. we had about 10~15 people doing a synchronized blake shake. there was the cha-cha slide of course (it's a proven fact that ZERO males of the human race can "cha cha real smooth") and don't forget Stomp To My Beat. I was a little disappointed by a lack of Sandstorm, but the "I Like the Way You Move" to "Hey Ya!" made up for it. but really, i didn't mind what song was playing cuz lissa was there ^.^

this might be the longest post i've ever done. w00t.

oh, snap, the answer to the trivia question was "Nick Bakay"
kinda forgot about that one...


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