Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ten Pounds of Happy in a Five Pound Bag

woooooooo buddy!!

i'm in a good mood (it might or might not be the gallon of mountain dew i just drank). come to think of it, i always seem to be happy. i don't let things get to me. i see a lot of teens get mad at many random things i just don't get. i don't get bothered if i don't understand something, and i'm not mad at my parents, and i'm not mad at the system. what kind of world is it when being this happy is weird? i used to get mad at silly little things, but now i shrug it off. heck, part of it is probably my transformation from Colorado Nathan to Illinois Nate. I was a very different kid in Colorado. i was an outcast in colorado. i had very little friends. i was focused in my studies all the time. i would play football during recess and nobody would ever pass to me. i was kind of sad then. i'm different now. i have lots of friends, i'm not afraid of girls anymore (ewwww!! cooties!!) and i'm just having fun living in the fact that i'm 16. i'm trying to get a job now. (emphasis on TRYING... bestbuy and compusa haven't called me back!! do they realize how much geek they are missing out on? i'm prime nerd material here!!) i don't look at that as a bad thing though. i always thought of getting a job as the worst thing i would ever have to do. now i WISH i had a job. mainly, i want a car of my own. and i want a license. it's something i'm gonna have to work at but i'm excited. i guess all this happiness is giving me a good life. i'm in a great house, eating great food, with great family, and great friends, and i'm ecstatic. people today don't see how good they have it. just look around. are you in a house? do you have food? do you have a family that loves you? do you have friends that love you? i guess all i'm trying to say is people need to lighten up, y'know? this is especially true in geneva. many people try to put on a front of not caring. "i'm too cool to care". it makes me sick. anyhoo, i think it's time for a and i'll move on, ok?

viking revue is gonna be teh shiz-nit!!! especially the underground techie radio!! oh, and a certain wardrobe malfuncion by a certain person... i'm on sound. go me. i think i'm finally figuring this stuff out. i'm still a spud techie, and working my way towards full pirate techie. meh. still gotta learn lights. i enjoy learning about the belly of the beast (and by beast i mean auditorium). ITS THE EYE OF THE TIGER!!!!*duh!!! duh duh duh!! duh duh duh!! duh duh duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!* i'm so amused. i especially like the baton twirler and the flaggies. mainy because i have the attention span of a field mouse, and the glitter amuses me greatly. i got the techies upstairs mad when i was singing along with the flaggy song.

anyways, i have a lot of time on my hands. i'm prob gonna play a lot of Final Fantasy VII right now, and prob a lot of AIM/MIRC. crazy reece has track AND baseball today after school. that kid has so much on his plate. this is his first year in high jump, and he is clearing 4'6" and he came THIS *pinches fingers together* close to clearing 4'8". and by THIS close i mean he has a really cool cut on his back from the bar from trying to clear 4'8". (reminder, reece is about 5'3" tall). meh, my dad is gone on business again, and he'll be gone all next week. it's tough having him gone all the time, but he's been doing REALLY well at his job. so one one hand, he's doing great for the company (just turned the company's biggest rival into a competitor... that's like if Burger King started selling Big Macs!) so i'm extremely proud of him. it's hard having his gone so much, but i'll get through it. he gets home tonight!!! that means kill bill this weekend!! (i hope). he's and assistant coach this year (a perfect postion for him) and he's upset that he misses so many practices. he's a good coach though, and he's really starting to understand the finer points of the game (with my help of course >.>)

so in summary: i'm happy, tech is fun, family is fine.

this has been my longest post ever. my fingers hurt.

oh, btw, (WTB!!!), i'm trying to get a comments system working, a la GJ but i don't know if i can find one for blogger. and no, i'm not switching over to GJ, though i might get an account there just for responding to the buddies.



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