Saturday, April 17, 2004

whoa doggy!!!

tech=teh crayzay!!!

holy sheebees running one acts was fun. a little stressful, but fun. even when i knocked a chair off a platform accidentaly. Everybody laughed and i thought it was pretty funny too. I was happy that my first time running was with lissa... we make a really good team. Of course, while the actors left to get ice cream, the creatures of the night, *hint: techies* were stuck doing set strike and GUESS who got the honor of some couch duty AGAIN?? *sigh* twas fun. of course, steak and shake was full of batavians as opposed to the actors we were expecting. Since Lissa, Caroline, and myself were in the mood for ice cream (and liquid refreshment) we went to colonial. Guess who we saw there? THE ACTORS!!! actors of course had trouble figuring out money but at least they showered us with praise. *yay! attention!*

anyhoo, today is the sadies *w00t* so me and Lissa gots ta go shoppin'! tonight's gonna be fun. but this morning/afternoon i gotta help with mulch. I hate mulch. I really do. The worst thing i could possibly do with mulch is spread it around. I mean, it's stinky... and it gets in my shoes!!

This is groundhog, over and out


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