Sunday, May 02, 2004

Space for Rent

i haven't posted in like three days. OH THE HUMANITY!!! anyhoo, with tech, baseball, and general laziness, i haven't had much time for posting. i had to do the scorebook for teh little bro's double header yesterday. It was raining JUST enough to be annoying and yet be not enought to cancel the game. it was also hella-cold out there and peck fields are hella-windy. tech is fun, but techie radio has to go on a hiatus. i saw part of kill bill with lissa on thursday, but we had to go to the bro's track meet (i don't know how the kid does it) crazy movie, i love the visual style of it.

anyhoo, the bloggy is in it's second month (first was april, and it's now may) and i found a interesting sumthin sumthin on the internet. it's called google adwords and it's a Pay-Per-Click ad-service i could put on the site. you guys click, i get cash. of course, i'd have to set up an account which could be a pain in the butt. of course, it would give advertisements relevant to the content of the site automatically. So there would probably be a lot of Gummy Bear and H*R ads right now. post in comments if you would mind this bloggy being advertised. it's still free to you and whatnot, no popups or popunders, no exit windows, just little text ads in the side bar

anyhoo, nate out