Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Can you put your hand in your head? OH NO!!! Now you put you head in your hands OH NO!!

snap a diddle,

i gotta go to lombard today. That's where the District Office of RadioShack is. they called me when i was sleeping at 9 this morning. my mom came in and said "Nate, wake up, RadioShack is on the phone" i didn't really believe her, but i got up anyways. i couldn't even handle regular speach patterns until i picked up the phone. then i was very perky and upbeat. i don't know how i did it. I guess i have to go there for a orientation type thingy whatsit. all this driving for one little job. sheebees. The second the location in Batavia on Randall opens up i'm there.

Drug test came back fine... i'm clean

i felt sick last night, but i'm fine now... it gave me time to sit back and do some reading. I finished Prey by Michael Crichton (CRICH-TON!!! sigh, remis is probably the only person that will get that). Pretty much a swarm of nanomolecules are growing smart, and growing deadly, can kill humans, can't be controlled or shot, can mimic human beings, as well as see better than any human. oh, and they evolve every few hours or so. Now i'm probably going to start reading Everything's Eventual by Stephen King. It's a collection of 14 dark tales from King. Sound weird and creepy. And i like it.... the cover has like blood exploding from a wine glass and on a napkin "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE HELP" written in blood. very w00t. i'm gonna have nightmares for the next three years, i know it.

so, how does everybody like the new blog layout? i find it very aerodynamic and very, may i say, SEXY. it features exclusive POSTERATOR technology. that just means the post boxes are kinda narrow so it makes my posts look longer than they are. w00t.

that's all i got for now...

~Juan Pablo Montoya


At June 9, 2004 at 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sheebies, the new layout is, might I say, sexy.

Oh yes.. and your titles of your entries amaze me.


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