Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Hierarchy of Zombies

Have you ever how the hierarchy of Zombies work?
I mean, how do you get to be Head Zombie? By killing off all the undead ones? Do Zombies come back to life after you kill them?
Somehow the zombies wearing pants are considered the head zombies.

Video games institued a few ground rules of figuring out the hierachy of various Dead and Undead, Holy and Evil, Human or Other Creatures

  • Does it have a weapon? If not, then you have yourself a grunt. Also known as a meatshield

  • Is it short? If so, you have yourself a creature that moves FAST.

  • All hierarchies can be broken down into 3 basic levels... Grunts, Soldiers, and Sergeants. Grunts are weak, Soldier have minimal armor and weaponry, Sergeants are usually alone and well armed

  • If the creature in question is huge AND not earth-shatteringly stupid, you have yourself a general. Usually not a good thing.

  • Huge and earth shatteringly stupid people are just used for 2 things: PUSHING, and STOMPING, as well as moonlighting as Building Demolition. Usually have a glaring weak point that's probably bright red, or flashing, or your auto-target aims right for it

  • if you couldn't tell, i'm bored out of my mind right now.


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