Monday, June 07, 2004

How Now Brown Cow?

Oh snap daggit... gamestop doesn't want me... :*(

i'll get over it

so now i'm with radioshack, and i'm starting to warm up to the idea. i mean, i get $5.50 PLUS commision, and if i do well i can easily get over $10 an hour. and if i work 20 hours a week... well you do the math. of course, i had to take the mandatory drug test today. an hour to aurora, and hour and a half in the waiting room, and an hour home. all this just so i could pee in a cup. The cup was kinda spiffy... it had a fishtank thermometer on it. if anybody is interested on what temperature my urine was, feel free to message me. I felt like a juvie the whole time. I had to empty my pockets, and i couldn't flush the toilet or use the sink in the washroom. the nurse had to do the flushing. i've never drank or done drugs, so this felt very awkward.

On the way home, i had a large vanilla shake from steak n' shake WITH HOT FUDGE ON IT!!! it was so good i almost puked. oh, and the onion rings were too hot. ouchies.

Then the school called while i was on my adventure, apparently they can't fit in govt. 2nd semester. i might take that over the summer and open up a study hall... maybe 10th hr??? WAIVER CHINK!!

La porta รจ fatta di minestra, e devo partire prima che io il suolo i miei indumenti intimi con bene le cioccolate
(HINT: it's in Italian)



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