Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm stepping throught the door... and i'm floating in a most-a peculiar waaayyyyy

okay, here's the shakedown...

i went to lombard (45mins-1hr away) so i could got to the RadioShack District Office. There i just signed some paperwork, received the little rule books, including dress code (dress shirt in white or light blue UNLESS it's embroidered with the radioshack logo... weird) i also got my temporary nametag (this way i'll never forget my name)

also, next week i'll be working from noon-nine mon-fri... this won't be usual, it's just for training purposes. i hope i get a long lunch break. (what? DDR? what? sbarro? what? subway? what?) so i won't be around a lot in the upcoming week

but now i'm tired, and too lazy to sign my name creatively.

wait a minute,


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