Thursday, June 03, 2004

The phone goes GREEN GREEN GREEN so I PINK it up and say YELLOW

blog has a new format now, and convenientlty i have google ads that' i never see the money from.
here are some cool sites that were just on the google ad right now:
Kilts by Kilt Store
The Scotland Yard

anyhoo, finals are over, i did rather well on them, and maintained b's and up in my classes (exccept for driver's ed, but we won't talk about that)

the job search is hitting full swing. After a joke final day (study hall, personal fitness. "What muscle is used during a Bicep Curl?") i hit the pavement on a job hunt. After electronically applying at Target (slow comp+sticky shift and enter keys make natey angry) i saw a "NOW HIRING" sign in the Radio Shack window. i swing by and find out that there is a hiring fair that night at the Radio Shack at Charlestowne Mall. Afterwards, i swing by gamestop with an app i've had completed for a few weeks now. Jim there told me to come in thursday for an interview (SCORE!) and i walk out happy.

That night, i got all dressed up (shirt and tie!! AAH!!)and go to radio shack in the charlestowne mall. 2 other guys showed up, both in their 20's. it's very weird being the only guy there who hasn't even graduated high school yet. anyhoo, the manager there gave a brief interview which wasn't too bad. What was bad was the follow up questions she had. I got on the topic of spyware and she was like "what do you use" "who makes it" "how much is it" etc etc etc. then, i had to take a 120 question test that included questions designed to make you look at it multiple times to make sure you're not crazy. these included "can you count to ten?" "are there 80 days in a month" "are there 7 days in a week" and "can you read well enough to complete this survey?" there was also an arithmetic portion of the test which the lady never said i could have used scratch paper on. It was driving me crazy tring to do it in my head. what's 17x13? a costumer buys a product for $3.59 then gives you a $10 bill. then the customer gives you a nickel, a quarter, a dime, and 4 pennies. what is the correct change? very crazy, but surprisingly i only got one wrong.
Anyhoo, i'm off to my gamestop interview at 12:30 today, and my bro has a baseball game, then a radioshack interview this saturday. it's gettin' crazy over here, but as long as i get a job, i'm fine with it

This is November-Alpha-Tango-Echo,

(look it up!! Trucker 10-Codes, CB lingo, Q Codes and Phonetics


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